My Gurgaon - Golf course road widening

Project Configuration

• HUDA and DLF will spend Rs 550 crore on the project which will include 8 underpasses and a flyover enabling commuters to reach the Golf Course Road from the Gurgaon Toll Plaza.
• Road length of 8.3 Kms on Sector Road
• Road length of 2.2 Kms on NH-8
• 8-Lane Main Carriageway and 4/8-Lane Service Roads
• 16-Lane total carriage way throughout the sector road
• 6-Lane main carriageways on both sides along NH 8 from Toll Plaza to DLF Square building.
• Slip Roads between NH-8 Service Roads and Cyber City Area
• 2 Unidirectional Underpasses near Gateway Tower Junction
• 2 Unidirectional, U-Turn Underpasses near Building 5 & 7B
• 6-Lane Bidirectional Underpass at Sikanderpur Junction
• 6-Lane Bidirectional Underpass at Arjun Marg
• 3-Lane Unidirectional Flyover at Sikanderpur Junction
• Dedicated utilities corridor to facilitate maintenance in future without causing public inconvenience and digging of the road section.
• Uniform utilization of 78 M right of way from Gateway Tower, in DLF Cybercity to end of Gurgaon Sector 55/56 corridor.
• All electrical OHE HT lines to be diverted through underground cabling in a dedicated corridor from NH-8 Junction to Sector-55/56.
• All OFC/Telecom cables to be relocated in dedicated corridor.
• State of Art Landscaping and Road furniture.